Kansas man pleads guilty to marketing misbranded drugs

Authorities say a Kansas man has pleaded guilty to selling erectile dysfunction drugs he imported from China and marketing them as herbal remedies for men. Sixty-year-old Rick Shepard of Overland Park entered the plea Monday to conspiracy to import misbranded drugs for selling of a product called Euphoric to adult novelty stores in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.

Medday Thursday: A Healthy Workplace

How healthy is your workplace? In this Medday Thursday segment KOAM's Michael Hayslip sits down with Freeman Business Development Account Manager Rikki Smith to find out more about a program that's teaching employers how to address health conditions at work.

Treating the first known blood clot in space

When astronauts encounter a medical risk on the International Space Station 250 miles up from the Earth's surface, it's not exactly easy for a doctor to make a house call. So when NASA researchers suspected a blood clot in one of their astronauts during a long-duration stay on the space station last year, they had to act quickly to treat the unexpected risk.