The Couch to 5K founder reveals tips for running beginners

Josh Clark's journey to becoming a lifelong runner began with a painful breakup in 1994. To help himself recover, the then-23-year-old public television producer started to run, an activity he hated. "There was probably a little bit of self-punishment to it," said Clark, founder of Big Medium, a digital agency and design studio.

Does spinach make you strong? Ask Popeye -- and science

If you were a kid raised anytime between the 1930s and the 1970s -- or raised by someone who was raised then -- chances are good that you grew up with the idea that spinach was a muscle builder par excellence.

Here's what is known about the Delta variant of coronavirus

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is worrying officials around the world. Four major Australian cities went into a four-day "circuit-breaker" lockdown this week to try and stop it from spreading. Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced looser vaccination policies to try to get more people immunized before the variant could spread. Ireland delayed plans to resume indoor service in bars and restaurants and US officials urged Americans to get vaccinated to stop its spread.

Breathe your way to better sleep and overall recovery

In Part I of the series, I outlined the overall power of breathing to impact our bodies and minds. Then in Part II, I shared how our breathing pattern can impact posture, movement and pain. Those articles demonstrated how the quality of our breathing pattern -- good or bad -- has a corresponding positive or negative effect on many aspects of our health and wellness. Your ability to recover is no exception. In this third installment, we examine the influential role breathing plays in recovery, and I share tips to help you leverage your breathing to get the quality sleep you need.