Severe Thunderstorm Risk map

The latest movement on the Severe Thunderstorm Risk map for Wednesday into Thursday is the northward expansion no pushing all the way into Nebraska.Scattered severe thunderstorms are possible Wednesday over portions of central Texas during Wednesday late afternoon and evening…

Christmas Day Weather Trend

We're going to top out almost 10 degrees higher than what we historically see at Christmas. After a beautiful morning, cloud cover moves in through the afternoon.

Strong winds on Christmas Eve morning

Even though the wind is coming in from the south, it's creating a bit of a wind chill and about a 6-7 degree difference between the temperature and what it feels like. It will finally begin to subside late tonight…

Friday Weather Trend

Hanging around the high 30s/low 40s at the lunch hour. Our beautiful skies aren't giving up any time soon as the sun continues through the afternoon pushing us up into the mid to high 40s.

Bus Stop Forecast - Friday

Cool and clear for the Bus Stop Forecast with wind chills in the low 20s. Enjoy a beautiful bright moon on this Winter Solstice morn. Sunrise at 7:28 with a little northwest breeze that will shift later this afternoon.

Fire risk shifts into the Rockies Friday

Thanks to west to east oriented jet and strong mountain flow resulting in downslope winds and associated lee troughing, dry and windy conditions will be present across the southern High Plans and parts of the Southwest.

Clouds prevail through Thursday night

The weather trend for Thursday keeps overcast skies in the forecast until early Friday morning. While tomorrow is going to be chilly early, the clouds push off to the east and we'll get some morning sunshine.

Overcast & cool Wednesday

While we still have wind chill reading in the 30s, the actual temperature has worked into the 40s and we'll be right on par this afternoon where you would normally expect for this time of December. Clouds may look…

Temperatures top out as rain rolls in from west

Since we've been a tad bit spoiled temperature wise since the weekend, it's time to return to a taste of December as we move back down the thermometer this afternoon and have an evening of rain into Thursday morning.

Dense Fog Advisories

While Dense Fog Advisories are in effect for NEOK and NWAR, the entire Four States has tremendously low visibility numbers. Make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time this morning and let's all take it slow during the…