Carthage woman nursing injured puppy back to health during pandemic

Puppy hit by a truck on highway 96 being nursed back to health

CARTHAGE, Mo. – On Sunday, April 5th, Sarah Jones took in a new puppy after it was hit by a truck on Highway 96 outside of Carthage.

“She was really weak and I think just confused about everything that happened,” says Jones.

Lylah has a crushed femur and a shattered pelvis, and will have to undergo surgery to amputate her leg.

“Having witnessed her get struck by that truck like she did it wasn’t an option for me to dump on her like that,” says Jones.

The first couple of days, she had trouble moving and even had trouble going to the bathroom.

“But she welcomed and embraced my love and care for her real quickly. She knew that she was safe… dealing with her injuries and some of the messes. We just pressed on past it, and she just proved to build her strength.”

But because of Sarah’s love and care, even during a global pandemic, Lylah is doing better every day.

Sarah and her family have now decided to give Lylah a forever home.

“She’s very ambitious. Very determined to heal up and be herself. And that’s amazing to me. So amazing to me.”