Carthage starts trial period with scooters

Carthage Lime Scooter Trial
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CARTHAGE, Mo. –Carthage’s Parks and Recreation is holding a trial period for expanding the riding range with Lime’s scooters from July 28 to August 21.

KOAM’s Amber Jenkins spoke with Mark Peterson, director of Parks & Recreation, who said the residents of Carthage loved the Lime scooters. 

He said the last six months there were more than 16,000 rides and 5,000 unique riders. At the time, the city limited the riding area to park trails.

Now, the city of Carthage expanded the riding area to cover 85% of the city.

Peterson sees an opportunity to give another way of transportation to the residents of Carthage, “To open up the city and see if that transportation component would be successful. And so far, I would say it has our ride counts have gone up just since it started last Thursday.”

The City of Carthage currently has two public transportation services, MO Rides and OATS transit. 

After the trial period ends, Peterson will present the data to the city council. The council will determine if Lime scooters will stay in the city of Carthage.

When you download the Lime app, it’ll show a map of pickup/dropoff stations and the riding area for the scooters.

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