Carthage seniors get a taste of normalcy as they pick up their caps and gowns

Carthage Seniors Get Their Caps And Gowns

CARTHAGE, Mo. – Carthage seniors had a reason to be excited.

They were able to pick up their caps and gowns at the high school.

It was the first time that students and teachers have been on campus at the same time in almost two months.

One senior we talked to says it makes graduating feel a little more normal.

“It does make it a lot more real. ‘Cause usually you get like a little send off here at the school and stuff, but here this is like our ‘We did it.’ And so it just makes you very happy. It makes me happy,” says Carthage Senior Brener Ocana. “I wanna thank the amazing teachers here doing all of this. They work hard and they did everything they can to make it feel a lot [more] special to us and it just… it feels amazing.”

“We miss them being up here. But this is the best we can do in the moment and so that’s what we’re doing. We look forward to seeing them all in a group as soon as we can,” says CHS Principal Matt Huntley. “Once you receive the cap and gown, it makes it feel a little more real than the day before. So hopefully it feels like that for them. The way we’re looking at it, on May the 14th, our seniors are graduates of Carthage High School.”

Carthage plans to hold a full-fledged graduation ceremony on July 30th.

If seniors weren’t able to pick up their cap and gown today (May 7th), they can get in touch with someone at the high school to make arrangements to do so.