Carthage School District puts classes on hold after students test positive for COVID-19

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Carthage School District is cancelling Columbian summer school on Monday and Tuesday to perform extra cleaning after two students tested positive for COVID-19.

Full details from Carthage School District: The Jasper County Health Department notified us two students from Columbian summer school tested positive for COVID-19.
Although contact between the COVID-19 positive students and other students was extremely limited, I decided to cancel Columbian summer school Monday and Tuesday to perform extra cleaning.
The students and staff who had interaction with the two students have been contacted. Columbian summer school will resume Wednesday.
Originally, we anticipated an issue regarding our high school volleyball team and physical fitness class.
However, after further review, the health department determined the potential issue was an isolated case and not detrimental to the rest of the students. Volleyball and physical fitness class will resume per Coach Webb’s instructions.
The exposure to COVID-19 appears to have occurred in the community and not related to school activities.