Carthage School District Plans After Performing Arts Bond Fails

Carthage School Auditorium

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Carthage School District is still looking for ways to fund a new performing arts center.  Even after the bond’s failure in the Missouri primary.

The bond proposal, a part of the August 2022 Missouri primary, for a new performing arts center did not pass.  The Superintendent Mark Baker said the remodel would include classrooms for the performing arts classes, and availability for the community.

The proposal was first introduced in May 2022. The bond asked for $18 million by extending the districts debt levy for two years in 2040.  However, it failed after 52.5% voted yes and 47.5% voted no.  The bond needed a four-sevenths vote, or 57% yes, to win.

Inflation is currently a concern for many Americans and Baker suspects it to be one of the main reasons for the bond’s failure.  “This was not a rebuke saying we do not wanna help the kids.” said Jasper County Clerk Charles Davis.  “At this present moment with the uncertainty there is, we don’t know what’s going to happen with the finances of the country.”

Superintendent Mark Baker has kept positive and understands the communities financial concerns.  Baker said, “We will continue to look at options regarding the performing arts center, and maybe some ways that we can get more support.”  Mark Baker feels the center is still needed but does not have set plans for the issue yet.

The next available time for the bond to be on a ballot is in April 2023.