Carthage resident believes Carthage Humane Society board member violated bylaws

Humane Society will look into concern

An explosive argument between a resident and the Carthage Humane Society Board President led to an early closing of the monthly meeting.

Diann Hays, who actively volunteers with the Humane Society spoke up about the organizations spay and neuter bylaw that she believes a board member is violating.

“I asked a board member who was talking about her numerous dogs, and so I asked her if she had all of those dogs spayed and neutered, and she told me that they had. Then I discovered when I just happened upon her Facebook page and it’s a public page, I browsed through it and I saw that one of her dogs had puppies on August 5th, and she had them up for sale.”

Section 5 of the bylaws are expectations for the Board of Directors. Those expectations include ‘advocating for the spay and neuter of all pets and the ‘adopt don’t shop’ theories to the public and for their own pets.’

“it’s an expectation, but it’s a professional expectation and certainly one that should be adhered to since there are so many animals, many animals that come in that animal control brings in that are a result of lack of spay and neutering” added Hays.

Hays believes the member should resign but Board President Jonathon Roberts says they do advocate for spay and neuter but cannot control what a member does with their own pets.

“I think the board member is following those rules with a majority of their pets, and then they choose, on some of their pets, to not for their reasons. It’s everybody’s choice on how they would like to have their animals bred and if some choose to have them where they cannot have future animals then that’s totally fine and if they want to have future babies to spread that love to other people or their family then I’m fine with that too.”

The board went into closed session to discuss the issue of concern.

“We’re okay with citizens bringing things like this to our attention so that we can address them but to ask an individual to change their personalities, likeliness, how they feel about things, is not something a Humane Society was made to do” added Roberts.

But Hays disagrees.

“As a public person on the Carthage Humane Society board, who should be advocating for that, and she’s not, then I think she should resign.”

The board will be looking into the concern, as well as reviewing their bylaws.


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