Carthage Press Ends a 140 Year Run as a Local Newspaper.

Carthage Press Ends a 140 Year Run as a Local Newspaper.
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The publisher announced in Wednesday’s edition that it would be the papers final issue.
Community members said Carthage losing the Carthage Press means losing a connection to its history.

“I’m just devastated personally! I’ve been reading that paper for ninety percent of my life.”
Jane Crawford said she was surprised to learn that this was the last issue of the Carthage Press. But she wasn’t not alone.

Carthage Library Director J ulie Yockey library said “It made me so incredibly sad for our patrons and our library because we have people they’re waiting every Wednesday to read the local newspaper.”

The library also keeps seven years of back issues of the Carthage press in a closet. But even more on microfiche, some dating back to 1890 or before. “This is just huge history here,” gushed Yockey.
The Carthage Press has been in print 140 years.

Library desk worker Gloria Southard said she is sad the paper is closing especially for library patrons. She explained, “People come in all the time to look back at obituaries, people looking for their family that’s passed. That’s where they find it in the Carthage Press from hundreds of years back.”
The press covered city council meetings . City administrator Tom

Short said, “I t is troubling. In addition to the local coverage the paper provides, we also have requirements we have to publicize: bids, public notices, public hearings, zone changes, those type of things. We have to look at some alternative as we have relied on the Carthage press.”

C hamber President Mark Elliff said the closing of any business is not good for the community. He added, “We hate to see that. This was the oldest newspaper in Jasper county.”
He added thought that it is a sign of the times as the Press went from a daily, to a weekly edition as readers move online.

But Yockey said believe it or not some people still want the real thing. “For me, I want to hold a newspaper when I read it
and we can’t have that anymore.”

Resident Elizabeth Shields reacted to the news and said, “I think it’s sad. It’s been around many, many years. It’s been a city wide thing we could always get into find out what’s going on in our little town. Sad its closing.”

One look at the Carthage Press office and its obvious the newspaper supported the school district and schools which is something community members said will definitely be missed .

Crawford said, “I have scrapbooks in my house for generations… We had a lady at church who cut out all the articles every week to give to everybody whose name was in the Carthage Press.

We reached out to G atehouse Media the Carthage Press publisher but couldn’t get a response to questions about what forced the closing. It printed in the paper that the Neosho Daily News will cover Carthage news in the future.
But according to a notice from the Galena Sentinel, Gatehouse is also making a big printing change moving operations to Columbia, Missouri. That means the Galena Sentinel which is printed in Neosho will have to reevaluate where it prints. The paper warned subscribers that the upcoming edition could be late.