Carthage Police Department responds to recent online threats against school district

CARTHAGE, Mo.–The Carthage school district has been dealing with multiple threats, in just two weeks.

“Last week we had a message come across many student’s phones on social media that dealt with possible violence at school, but it wasn’t directed to Carthage, it just happened to be our kids was spreading it and that’s how come we knew about it,” said Carthage Schools Superintendent Mark Baker.

That threat, not directed at any particular school, had actually originated from Mt. Vernon,  another threat occurring this week also was not directed at any particular school, but, was found to have originated from the school district.

“Neither threat mentions a specific place, or availability of the weapon or the fight or anything so it’s pretty vague and it’s what made it pretty difficult to track down…we did have one that came across on social media sites earlier this week, so far it had been reported to the police department, police investigated,” Baker said.

The Carthage Police Department says they have investigated the incident.

“Reports that originated here in Carthage of threats against the school, some of them were very vague about what the threats were, and upon investigation one of them did have to do with our school and the other one ended up being out of our district,” said Lieutenant Chad Dininger from the Carthage Police Department.

The juvenile responsible for the post circulating from Carthage was identified and detained according to a Facebook post from the Carthage school district. 

“Then eventually led us to the juvenile suspect, that untimately ended up saying that he didnt mean to post it type thing,” Dininger said.

The Lieutenant added that he could not give further information on the juvenile that was detained.

“The juvenile office is still under investigation on that, they’re gonna hold that information for a while,” Dininger said. “Once our suspect ends up being a juvenile things change for us, how we investigate. Unlike an adult where we will come in and interrogate them, speak to them, interview them for whatever reason, this switches, we work alongside the juvenile office at that point. And they really do run the show when it comes to the interviewing and all of that of the juvenile.”

Now, both Dr. Baker and the local police department are asking students to think, before they post.