Carthage mayor vetoes mask ordinance

The Mayor Of Carthage Missouri

CARTHAGE, Mo. – It may not have been a packed house due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it was still hard to find a seat inside the Wednesday special city council meeting in Carthage, Missouri. That’s because council members gathered to debate and then vote on a proposed Carthage mask mandate, but not before hearing varying opinions from residents and business owners.

Mask mandates have a lot of passionate proponents and detractors but every speaker and council member who addressed the proposed Carthage ordinance was civil while presenting arguments.

The ordinance ultimately passed by a vote of 6-4 but was then vetoed by the mayor.

“I think it’s an overstep. I don’t feel like the city needs to be the one mandating that the masks be worn. We’ve requested it. It’s up to the businesses to make their own rules for their own business,” said Carthage Mayor Dan Rife.

The mayor’s veto can be overturned, but that would require 7 votes from the Carthage 10 person city council to do so.