Carthage man says he’s frustrated fighting for help for his Veteran father

Man says he keeps getting runaround

A Carthage man says he’s been fighting to get his father, a Korean War veteran, into a veteran’s home in Mount Vernon. However, he says he’s just got the runaround from officials.

Ronald Bass has been working for more than a year to get his father, Walter Bass, into the Missouri veteran’s home in Mount Vernon. He says his dad, has been working on the issue for the past five years, but, they’ve never got a straight answer. “Every place I go, I’m kicked to the curb, I’m acting like you’re dirt or something, why should they do that to us? It’s a shame, and pitiful.”

Bass says he contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs offices throughout the state, he even contacted Senator Roy Blunt’s office and Representative Billy Long’s office, but still got no assistance, only stacks of forms to fill out and take somewhere else. Out of options, Bass says he contacted KOAM, and we reached out to the VA office in Fayetteville. After our conversation with officials at the office, they contacted Representative Long’s office, who then called Mr. Bass. “Congressman has stepped up, and they’re going to look at my dad’s case, they know now I’ve got power of attorney, and they’re sending me forms to help him expedite getting in there.”

The official we spoke with at the Fayetteville office says she’s working to have a social worker contact Ronald to help with his father’s needs, and is putting them in touch with the benefits department. Bass says he feels a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders. “Now, I’m getting help.”

Help he says, should have come years ago. Bass says he is worried as his father is in failing health, but he hopes now he’ll get the help he needs.


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