Carthage hosts 4State Record Show, bringing vinyl lovers to collectors

Record Show

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The City of Carthage played host to the Four-State Record Show. It’s a twice-a-year event, connecting vinyl lovers with collectors. Over the past several years, there’s been an increase in interest in vinyl, so we went to the record show to check it out.

Twice a year, in February and July, the Carthage Memorial Hall opens its doors to vinyl lovers across the region and to dealers looking to make a sale and a connection. Co-host Lynn Brennfoerder says “About 25 dealers here and 47 tables all full of collectibles, vinyl, CDs, cassettes, anything music related.”

Lynn Brennfoerder is one of the co-hosts of the show. They started the record show three years ago and he says its growing only because of the community. “There is so much support from the vinyl community in this area and all these dealers are generally saying they’re doing better here than they do at home, shows at home, so everybody’s thrilled to come out.”

Tom Dutton came up from Tulsa to offer his collection. What’s surprising to him at the show, is the ages of people coming out. “It’s good to see the younger people coming out to buy the vinyl, and buying old vinyl too, original pressings are probably the highest point of selling here.”

Dutton is no stranger to vinyl. “I’ve been collecting since I was 7, I’m 65 now, buying records all my life, I never stopped, even when it waned in the 90s, I still bought them.”

Despite that pause, in the last few years, vinyl and record players have become a trend again. “It’s very good to see that that medium is being recognized, because it is a superior sound over CDs or any other option.”

For Dutton, it’s all about what we mentioned earlier, connecting to fellow vinyl lovers. “I think that’s the fun I get is to talk to people about them, they’ll ask me questions about certain bands, I’ll point them to the right direction of which bands are really good, which albums are the best, and I get repeat customers that way, steer them in the right direction, they come right back.”

Organizers say they’re already looking forward to next year’s show which will be in February.