Carthage fire station delays opening amid construction concerns

Carthage fire station delays opening amid construction concerns

The City of Carthage’s Fire Station Number #2, located right off of the 571 exit on Grand Avenue, was initially expected to open this month, but city officials say that due to some construction concerns and delayed contractual obligations and stipulations, a certificate of substantial completion has yet to be issued by the city’s project engineers.

The contractor and the City of Carthage have been working to address construction issues. As the location of the new station is a prominent structure on the main southern entrance to the city, officials wants to make sure all construction concerns are addressed and that due diligence has been used in the expenditure of public funds.

Once these concerns are addressed and satisfied, the Fire Department will take actions to finalize the equipping and staffing of the new station.

Fire services to the city and the fire district will be provided by both the new station and the main station located at the intersection of Garrison Avenue and Chestnut Street.

The goal is to have the building ready as early as March.