Carthage City Council to discuss mandatory mask wearing, other COVID-19 related ordinances

Three important items with be discussed at the next Carthage City Council meeting on July 1st, 2020.
Carthage City Council

CARTHAGE, Mo. – Three important items with be discussed at the next Carthage City Council meeting on July 1st, 2020.

“Number 1 we will be discussing closing down the parks for activities that have greater than ten people…number 2, we will be discussing rolling back just the City of Carthage to phase one of Governor Parsons show me plan and the third item on the agenda would be an ordinance to require face masks for the general population in our city” said Council Member, Ed Barlow.

Park restrictions have been in talks since the coronavirus first started to spread…and is coming back around for reconsideration.

“It would be probably a combined effort between the citizens of Carthage and the Parks Department, so that citizens are educated on what the parks are for during this pandemic and worst case scenario police would come enforce it” added Barlow.

Returning to phase one would mean going back to limiting the number of people allowed inside a store or business, and continuing the 6 feet apart rule.

“When we went through this several months ago almost all of the businesses were compliant, citizens were compliant, everyone was happy to go through this so if it’s something council decides to do I hope it won’t be that big of a problem” said Barlow.

And the last item…mandatory mask wearing.
The ordinance states that masks should be worn by people aged six and up when in public indoor spaces, only where social distancing of six feet or more cannot be achieved.

“Ultimately what it’s really dealing with is when people are really close to each other they need to be wearing a face mask and for that to be a rule and not a gentle request.”

There would be exemptions for dining, exercise and high temperatures that could affect the ability to breath, and certain medical conditions.

Many Carthage residents on Facebook voiced different opinions when it came to mandatory masks.

Some saying they should be mandatory, that others shouldn’t be allowed in public places without one…while others are against the ordinance saying people are going to do whatever they want anyway.

If passed the ordinance for face masks would go into effect immediately.

You can read the full ordinance here.