Carterville under boil advisory as crews work on broken water main

Webb City providing backup water

Boil Water Advisory

UPDATE, Feb. 22, 2021: The City of Carterville posted the following to social media:

“We have been getting a lot of calls at city hall about rumors on the well completion due to incorrect information from social media posters…..
The estimate is still to be back up and running no later than tomorrow, but with hopes for today….The well crew has removed the motor, removed all of the old shaft, and built the proper manifold to change over to a submersible pump. The electrician is on site right now to complete the wiring and barring any unforeseen issues we are nearing the end of this.”

CARTEVILLE, Mo. –  The City of Carterville, Missouri has been put under a boil advisory as crews work to fix a water main break. Webb City is providing backup water in the meantime.

Officials say a large 6″ break happened around 10:00 p.m. Monday at Pine and Main street. The break left the whole city without water. Crews say the well seal and bearings went out, and believe the failure was caused by high demand on the well pump over the past two days. The city will have to install a new pump.

Carterville returned to Webb City water, but due to a lack of pressure the city will need to use a booster pump to bring enough water into the system.

Wednesday morning the Carterville issued a boil order. It will be passing out free cases of water to residents at the Carterville Community Center. There is currently a two case per household limit.