Carl Junction viral teen shares how he uses TikTok and what might happen if app gets banned in US

Trentyn Lehman has over one million followers on the video app TikTok
Carl Junction teen, Trentyn Lehman, has more than one million followers on TikTok.

CARL JUNCTION, MO. – Because of security concerns about TikTok’s use of personal information President Trump, on Thursday, issued an executive order that would ban the popular video app in 45 days in the United States if its parent company in China does not sell to an american company.

Local teen Trentyn Lehman has over one million followers on the video app TikTok.

“Kids just use it to find funny videos and stuff — some people, just like me, I wasn’t trying to get famous or anything but like one video goes viral and stuff,” says Lehman.

The Carl Junction senior has mad a couple thousand dollars through promotions on his videos.

“I didn’t really know at first, but then when I hit 300,000 followers people started DM’ing me and saying hey I could send you some free stuff if you can promote it on TikTok and I’ll also pay you,” says Lehman, “and so I was like bet.”

“This has been his first job, technically, so this is his first time making a good income,” adds his mother Brittanii Lehman.

It’s been sort of a family experience with Lehman’s little brother guest starring in some of his TikTok videos.

“He always gets my phone and wants to make TikToks. Goes to the TikTok app, presses the camera. He wants to record stuff so. It’s definitely bonded us,” says Lehman.

No matter what happens to the TikTok, Lehman says he still has another platform to share his videos.

“I am growing on Instagram and so my manager’s like helping me grow on Instagram. If Microsoft doesn’t by TikTok then there’s probably going to be another app just like TikTok, so I can just hop on that,” says Lehman.

There are 500 million TikTok users worldwide.