Carl Junction student expelled after a handgun is found in their locker

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – “It’s always concerning that they have access to those weapons without any kind of supervision or knowledge and are able to bring them into the school,” says Carl Junction Police Chief Delmar Haase.

During a locker search for an unrelated disciplinary issue, administrators found a 9mm handgun with at least four magazines and ammunition inside a student’s locker at the High School.

“This happened right as, probably even before, the first bell rang. So the school wasn’t locked down, and they took care of things exactly like they should have,” says Haase. “[They] called us, we took possession of that, took the juvenile to the detention center in Joplin.”

The student has been expelled for a year. After that, the Carl Junction Board of Education will decide if the student can come back to school.

“We want all of our students to be safe at school,” says Care Junction High School Principal Theresa Wilson. “It made me grateful for the presence of our school resource officer, for the calm and swift action of our school administrators, for the presence of a juvenile officer here on our campus and all of the safety procedures and protocols we have in place.”

“This weapon came from home. It was taken from home. If you have a weapon and you have young people in your house, that weapon should be secure,” says Haase.

Haase says administrators at the High School did what they needed to so the incident was resolved quickly. But there is something that he would like to see happen to help prevent it from happening again.

“There are some places where they’re making you carry clear backpacks. I’d like to see that implemented in school systems where that’s one more thing that where things can’t be hidden,” says Haase. “Maybe that doesn’t stop it, but at least maybe it’s a deterrent.”

The Carl Junction Police Department will continue to investigate the incident. The Juvenile Division of the Jasper County Circuit Court will handle criminal charges if there are any. Haase says the student could be face charges including possession of a firearm on a school campus, and unlawful use of a weapon.

Original story:

Carl Junction High School Administrators discover a weapon in a student’s locker.

According to the High School, the weapon was found after a locker check due to an unrelated disciplinary issue on Monday, October 12th.

The Carl Junction Police Chief says the weapon was a 9mm handgun with ammunition and at least four magazines.

The student is in the custody of law enforcement and the Carl Junction Police Department will continue to investigate the incident.

The school believes it is an isolated incident and that their students and staff are safe.

(Updated to include the type of weapon that was found.)

High School administrators discovered a weapon in a school locker this morning. The weapon was discovered during a…

Posted by Carl Junction Schools on Monday, October 12, 2020