Carl Junction Senior Katie Scott’s journey to play basketball at Grand Canyon University

Scott Recruitment

The recruitment process for Carl Junction standout Katie Scott..has been a rollercoaster

(Scott) “To say it’s been difficult would probably be the understatement of the year for me. Just because I’ve been in a lot of weird situations and none of them were really my fault. For this to all happen to me before even getting to college, it’s crazy, but it’s life and I think it’s made me a tougher person.”

It started in Summer 2018 when she committed to Division 1 Missouri State.

After head coach Kellie Harper left for Tennessee..Scott switched her commitment to join Molly Miller and Division 2 powerhouse Drury.

(Scott) “There’s always that thought in the back of your mind that what if it does happen again.”

Miller did leave Drury..accepting a head coaching job at Division I Grand Canyon University in early April…
For Scott..that meant one more decision.

That decision..was to follow Miller to Arizona and play for GCU.

(Miller) “She’s a kid that i developed a really strong relationship with and I really wanted to coach for four years. And so now I’m glad I do get to do that.”

(Scott) “She’s a winner. But the way she goes about it is so unique. She never has anything negative to say. She’s able to get the best out of someone without tearing them down. The relationships she has with her players are totally unique.”

(Miller) “This isn’t like months or a year in the making. I had her on my radar as an 8th grader. I was finally able to talk to her her junior year.” the reigning Gatorade Missouri Girls basketball player of the year..and led Carl Junction to an undefeated record this season.

While it took a while to figure out which jersey she would wear next…scott says..she knows she has finally found the right one.

As for coach Miller..she’s excited to take Scott..on the journey from Missouri to Arizona.

(Miller) “She’s got guard skills in a post body is what she has. Which works really well in our offense because we’re pretty positionless.”

(Scott) “Having coach Miller there by my side throughout this is going to make it so much easier.”

(Miller) “Katie and I know what we’re getting from each other and out of each other. That’s what I think makes it more comfortable for us stepping out of our comfort zone of kind of the area and kind of the midweset and going on this adventure.”