Carl Junction Schools prepare for upcoming school year with 3 educational options

The District is asking parents to fill out the forms by August 14th.
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CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – “What we have right now is a starting point it gives us opportunity to adapt, to adjust, and to do what’s good for kids that’s all we care about” said Carl Junction Schools Superintendent, Phillip Cook.

The Carl Junction School District will be back in session on August 24th, but schooling will look different as students and parents have three options of learning they can choose from.

“About 84% of our families said they want to send their kids back face to face with safety precautions so that’s the first option is to send your child back in school, we have procedures in place to keep children and staff safe. The second options is to keep them at home for virtual learning through a Missouri approved program that’s called MOCAP” added Cook.

The third is a blended learning experience where parents can choose what subjects their kids will learn at home through the online program and what subjects they will take face to face.

“So we would work with the family and if they wanted to stay home for the core area classes but wanted to send their child to school for physical education or band, we’ll say here is the time that band is provided and they would come to school at that time.”

High School Social Studies teacher Zak Petty says it will be an adjustment but for teachers it won’t add any extra work to their plates.

“I do think the number one thing for us is to get kids in class and obviously those who want to be at home have a great opportunity to continue learning and not really have a lag in education, so as a teacher I don’t really have a concern for it. We just have to go in with an open mind and do whatever we need to.”

Victoria Cogbill has two kids in the CJ school district. She says it’s been stressful trying to adjust to the changes ahead but is thankful for the district for having a plan in place.

“They’re going to take care of our kids the best as possible via at home or in school so I think they’ve gone above and beyond with the circumstances given.”

And her kids will be opting for option one.

“I am okay with everything now and we’re adjusting and my boys are excited to go back to school.”

Masks will be required when social distancing can not be upheld, but each school will work with students on a case by case basis if medical needs are a concern.

You can find more information on each option here.

The District is asking parents to fill out the forms by August 14th.