Carl Junction open to helping national COVID-19 dashboard

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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – The Carl Junction school district is doing everything in its power to keep staff and students safe from COVID-19.

That includes providing the community with weekly COVID-19 case updates via their data dashboard so parents and the community can be on the same page.

“I believe our staff, parents, and community members appreciate the transparency and appreciate access to the data. They don’t have to wonder or speculate what we’re experiencing in the district or in an individual school building,” said Carl Junction Assistant Superintendent David Pyle.

Now a similar effort is being conducted on a national level. NPR reports that the COVID-19 School Response Dashboard has the backing of the School Superintendents Association, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and more, and they’re encouraging as many schools as possible to share their data.

Schools can report anonymously and are being asked to report confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases as well as the safety strategies they’re using.

The people behind the national dashboard hope the data will paint a clearer pandemic picture and reveal which mitigation strategies result in lower infection rates.

Carl Junction isn’t currently participating but the assistant superintendent says he’s open to joining the national effort to beat COVID-19 in the classroom.

“We’ve chosen locally to report our information and definitely would be glad to share it as part of statewide reporting or even nationwide reporting,” said Pyle.

And the assistant superintendent isn’t alone in that thinking. The administrator of the Jasper County Health Department thinks the COVID-19 School Response Dashboard could be a valuable tool for fighting the virus if compiled correctly.

“Certainly I think the sharing of the information in a situation like this is needed, but you want to make sure it’s from decent sources. And the same thought process would go this larger national compilation. If it’s done well, I think it certainly could be very beneficial,” said Jasper County Health Department Administrator Tony Moehr.

If you’d like to check out the COVID-19 School Response Dashboard, click here.