Carl Junction family reflects on hosting Royals’s Eric Hosmer seven years ago

Carl Junction family reflects on hosting Royals’s Eric Hosmer seven years ago
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Here’s one thing you may not know about Eric Hosmer:

“Bit chocolate milk drinker,” says Claire Adrian. “Um, yeah, a lot of chocolate milk. I didn’t know anyone could drink that much chocolate milk.”

claire adrian knows this because she and her family briefly hosted hosmer seven years ago, when he was an amateur player for usa baseball.

(adrian) “it’s just a great time. All of us families hang out as a team and it’s a lot of fun. We originally weren’t going to do it because we had a teenage daughter at the time (laughs).”

But it worked out well, says Adrian, and Hosmer proved to be the ideal house guest.

“Always very polite, very well spoken.”

“When he got comfortable with us, it was like having an older brother,” said Annie Adrian. She says she remembers going to all of Hosmer’s usa national trials games with her family that summer.

“Sometimes I see him on that little field in Joplin and I think aw, I miss it.”

It was a memorable time for the Adrians, who have hosted five players overall for the program.

But it was also exciting for Joplin.

“You have all the top national players of the United States, you have a lot of people coming in, a lot of big players, a lot of scouts, Joe Becker was full every night,” said Warren Turner, former coach and USA coordinator.

Full stadiums are the norm for Hosmer these days up in kansas city.

But the the fans’ cheers are not drowning out his memories of his time in Joplin.

“These kids going to back to their homes remember Joplin,” said Turner. “They remember the people that opened the doors for them and everything that they got from coming here and they still remember it always in their playing career.”

“It’s always ‘let me know if you need anything, let me know if I can do anything,'” said Adrian. “he’s a good guy.”