Carl Junction breast cancer survivor appears on “The Doctors”

Carl Junction breast cancer survivor appears on “The Doctors”

A Carl Junction woman and cancer survivor appears on national television to learn she’s getting the gift of a lifetime.

Beauty goes much deeper than the skin. But imagine looking at the mirror, or at pictures, and being reminded of one heck of a battle scar.

“All I could hear was the big ‘c’ word,” says Linda Jarrett.

Jarrett was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.

Jarrett says, “I had two small girls at the time. I was a single mom. I just recently resigned from my position that I was working to go back to school full-time, get my teaching degree. So, my mind was just all over the place. How was I going to schedule-in having cancer?”

But the disease made itself known to Jarrett that it would do whatever it wanted, and take whatever it wanted, regardless of Jarrett’s schedule. Not long after she was diagnosed, she had a mastectomy, and a procedure that moved fatty tissue from her stomach to her breast, to help reconstruct a breast.

She’s in her 15th year of remission now, and that’s the greatest news for she and her family. The cancer is gone. But it left its mark. Jarrett wears compression garments to hide a bulge in her stomach.

“I am a little self conscious. I think people probably maybe look ant notice. They probably don’t, I just think they do. But it’s just more of me. It’s just kind of a cosmetic thing. And as I’m getting older, I can see it more and more,” says Jarrett.

One of her daughters arranged for an appearance on “The Doctors,” with another surprise. She’s getting free plastic surgery on her stomach.

Given the news surrounding her, she’s worried about others. She’s a fourth grade teacher in Carl Junction.

“I worry about my kids, leaving them for that many days. Getting sub plans, making sure they’re all taken care of and everything. So, there’s a lot of my mind to make it all happen. But I know it’ll be worth it when it’s all over,” says Jarrett.

Now that you’ve read a little bit about Jarrett, hopefully you will agree, she’s a beautiful woman no matter what. She stood up to cancer. And, her family says even if this surgery will, at the very least, get rid of her own self-consciousness, she still deserves it.

Cancer has taken enough from “Mrs. Jarrett,” as her students call her.

Jarrett says, “I feel good today. I feel very healthy. I think after this next surgery, I’m going to be thrilled again, and just be fine for the next whole bunch of years, I hope!”

Jarrett says she’s humbled by this experience.

Jarrett and her family are preparing right now for the surgery, which will be done tomorrow outside of the Four State area. “The Doctors” will record a follow-up episode with Jarrett sometime this spring.