Campgrounds prepare for Memorial Day Weekend after heavy rains

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – Spending time in the sun with family and good friends is a great way to spend a holiday weekend. So Mary Barrett and her crew weren’t gonna let rain keep them from getting out.

“It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be a great three days,” says Barrett.

She says they plan to play ball, spend time around the campfire and hit the water… if the water will cooperate.

“We’re ready for it to go down so we can go kayaking, and we’re gonna wait until Sunday,” says Barrett.

Heavy rains on Thursday caused rivers and creeks to rise quickly, spilling into campgrounds like Big Elk Floats and Camping in Pineville.

Most of our B section is still underwater. So they’re not available right now. It’s kind of a disappointment,” says Joshua Allen at Big Elk Floats and Camping.

Memorial Day weekend is not only their opening weekend, but since it’s a holiday weekend it’s their busiest. All of their camping spots this year were booked an entire month in advance. Thankfully, the water level on Friday had gone down, letting some campers pitch their tents.

“With the sun coming out today and it’s drying things up. All of our RV sites are still available and most of them are still coming in,” says Allen.

Beverly Snyder at Indian Summer Campground in Anderson was in the same boat Friday morning.

“The majority of the campground was under water. And like with a current running through it, like a river running through it,” says Snyder. “Thankfully it goes down about as quickly as it comes up.”

So campers are getting to the campground in Anderson as well. The main thing that’s up in the air now is getting in the river.

“We had a dozen kayaks booked, and… even if they wanted to, because I don’t think it is safe,” says Snyder.

“We’re hoping to be able to float tomorrow,” says Allen. “The main deal that will decide for the floating is we have a trestle bridge down there and if it’s blocked up and you can’t get through you definitely can’t float. But, we’re just hoping it goes down really.”

While it would be disappointing if they can’t get into the water, Barrett says as long as she has her family and friends she’ll just go with the flow.

“That’s the main thing, enjoying time with our family.”

If you plan to hit the water this weekend, you can see the current lake and river levels here: