Cable ONE will replace all of its Viacom channels

Cable ONE has announced it will replace all of its Viacom channels.
When Viacom channels like MTV and Nickelodeon went dark last night, many Cable ONE customers were taken by surprise.
“They didn’t tell us until the thing came on TV and they didn’t even broadcast anything until last minute, which is not fair,” said Melanie Eshom, Joplin resident.
Eshom tried calling Cable ONE immediately, but did not have much luck.
“I tried calling and they give you a recording, you push the button and then nobody answers,” she said.
Cable ONE has been in contract negotiations with Viacom for the last several weeks.
Viacom demanded an increase in payment greater than 100% to carry its 15 channels.
That’s when Cable ONE decided to turn elsewhere.
(take sot, Trish Niemann, Cable ONE PR Manager, phone interview)
“Starting several weeks ago, we started asking for feedback from our customers,” said Trish Niemann, Cable ONE Public Relations Manager. “We wanted to know what customers wanted. When we let them know Viacom was asking for greater than a 100% increase, customers jumped in right away and let us know that they didn’t want to pay more for channels that they are watching less.”
Niemann says the increase would have had a negative impact on customers’ pocketbooks.
Many are excited about the replacement channels, which include National Geographic, Hallmark Channel and Investigation Discovery.
“Customers who do not necessarily watch the Viacom channels or watch them very little, are really excited to have a new updated line up with channels they’ve been requesting,” Niemann said.
But as for customers like Eshom, she says paying more for some channels would be worth it to her.
“I’d be willing to pay $5 or $10 more a month if it meant having the education and the music back,” she said.
For now, she is hoping for the best when it comes to channel replacements.
Viacom channels will remain dark tonight.
Cable ONE expects all channels to be replaced by the end of the week beginning tomorrow.
For a full list of the replacement channels, you can visit and click on your city.