Busted bbq hopes to be back in business

Busted bbq hopes to be back in business

Work is underway repairing Boomer’s BBQ in Carthage, Missouri.

A giant hole was caused by a Thursday night vehicle crash that stemmed from a police chase involving a suspected drunk driver. Less than 24 hours later, crews were working to put Boomer’s back in business.

“We’re here today, basically doing the demo, tearing the remaining brick work out that’s loose, reframing walls, insulating cold temperatures, and just getting them back where they can get running again,” said Chad Prater of Chad Prater Construction.

Boomer’s BBQ owner Willy Waggoner has been selling barbeque in Carthage for the last 15 years. He says local officials have been extremely helpful as he works to get his restaurant back on its feet.

“It was a long night. I got here this morning and met with city engineers and insurance people. They’ve been just top-notch to work with, and things are looking better,” said Willy.

Willy also says Boomer’s BBQ will eventually reopen its dining area, but that doesn’t mean his 18 employees are out of luck until then.

“I’m very fortunate insurance will cover my employees. We’ll take care of them the time that they are down,” said Willy.

And since the Boomer’s BBQ kitchen is undamaged, that means the restaurant’s catering business and Thanksgiving turkey orders will give employees plenty to do.

“We are going in to such a busy season with all this catering. I’ll keep them busy. It may not be the exact hours they were getting but they’ll have a paycheck. I wouldn’t be here without them, so we’ll take care of them also,” said Willy.

Repairs on Boomer’s BBQ are estimated to take around 90 days.