Bull riding, bull fighting the highlight of Inter-State Fair and Rodeo on August 13


A ‘bully’-good time at the fair
Bull riding, bullfighting the highlight of Inter-State Fair and Rodeo on August 13

COFFEYVILLE,KANS. (August12, 2013) – The bulls will be the stars of the show at the Inter-State Fair andRodeo this week.

For the second year, bull riding returns toCoffeyville as part of the Fair and Rodeo. A bull riding, sanctioned by theNational Federation of Professional Bull Riders, as well as freestylebullfighting, will be held Tuesday, August 13 at 7:30 pm.

Bull riders will attempt to make the eight secondbuzzer on beasts ten times their weight, with the best scores from the nightriding a second time in the short go-round.

New this year to the bull riding is freestylebullfighting. Five bullfighters will each get thirty seconds in the arena toshowcase their bullfighting abilities. Like the bull riding event, judges willscore the bulls from zero to fifty points on their degree of difficulty (thedanger factor of the bull), and the bullfighters from zero to fifty on theiraggressiveness, showmanship, and other factors. After the thirty second timelimit, bullfighters can ask for an additional fifteen seconds, to demonstratetheir skills and add more points.

Pro rodeo bullfighter Andy Burelle, who works theInter-State Rodeo, used to be a freestyle bullfighter, and knows what makes agood score. “What judges are looking for is a bull to be aggressive and hot.The hotter and the faster he is, the harder he is to get by, and the higher thescore.” When it comes to the bullfighter, Burelle said, “if he stays reallytight and close to the bull, the higher the score.” The Ardmore, Okla. residentdescribed some of the moves a freestyle bullfighter might make. Caping a bullis, “when you run your fingers down the edge of his back as his horns come byyour rib cage,” and step throughs are “throwing a fake on a bull. If he takesthe fake, you turn your back to him and as the tail passes, you step all theway through. It’s doing a pirouette as he passes you.”

It’s the danger element that people are attractedto, said freestyle bullfighting organizer Kevin Midgett. After the pro rodeos,when a bull is turned out into the arena for the bullfighters to fight, “peoplestick around. In talking to people, we found out that they liked to see that.We’re trying something new (at the fair) and we’ll see if it works out.”

Four nights of pro rodeo (August 14-17) follow thenight of bull riding. General admission tickets are $10, box seats are $20, andchute heaven seats vary from $20 to $25. Tickets can be purchased at the gateor online at www.FairAndRodeo.com.For more information, visit the website or call the Coffeyville Chamber at620-251-2550.