Broken Road Outreach House Helping Women Fight Addiction

Broken Road Outreach House Helping Women Fight Addiction

A new home where women can work to overcome addictions is already at capacity in Webb City and hoping to expand.

“Then one rests content untouched by trouble,” reads Jasmine as Emily Knight follows along to a bible passage. She’s just eighteen days sober, brought here straight from detox to the Broken Road Outreach Women’s House.

Emily said, “I was a hot mess. It’s a total change of my life. The love we have in this house, the selflessness I’ve learned from Laura, the giving and all of our classes and learning about Jesus.”

After seeing family members struggling with addiction, and working with the homeless, Laura Lindsey made it her mission and ministry to help women recover.

Broken Road is a year long faith based residential program that utilizes outside efforts like Celebrate


Emily adds, “I’ve been through rehab programs some are ten days you get to stay there, some are twenty-one, some are thirty. That is not long enough to get over an addiction.”

Laura said, “Going to the meetings and the programs we do here and the classes, their assignments.

They have assignments they have to turn in by a certain time everyday. So it builds structure and responsibility and also helping to own the problem but then letting go of the problem and learning to be a better you.”

At Broken Road there are all kinds of rules that the women are willing to follow like no cellphones, lights out by 9;30pm and many others that are designed to help them resist temptation.

Layla Howard said, “We don’t have free time to go walk around for the first six months. We don’t have cash on us for the first six months. And things like that make a huge difference cause I’m impulsive. So if I don’t have the money on me to go mess up, or the time to go mess up, I’m less likely to.”

Laura said, “I believe when your minds and your hands idle when you’re coming out of addiction, that causes relapse. So I try to keep them very busy and very grounded in their faith too.”

Layla added, “I feel like I have a bigger safety net in the house.”

Layla, the longest resident here at two months is staying sober and now has a job.

And Emily said, “This is the right program. I’ve found where I belong. I was tired of getting drunk. It was controlling my life.”

Women at Broken Road battle both drug and alcohol addiction. Many are working to return to children and families. The house operates on donations.

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