Broken bridge blues in Anderson

Broken bridge blues in Anderson

Wet weekend weather has made the Main Street bridge in Anderson, Missouri completely unusable.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe we had this giant hole, literally in the middle of our town. And it’s on Main Street. Everyone goes through it, back and forth, and it’s like the shortcut to the city instead of going all the way around,” said Anderson commuter Connie Moritz.

Flood waters have eroded the approach to the bridge’s west end and created a giant hole, big enough to swallow a vehicle.

And this broken bridge, just can’t get a break. Following flood damage a couple of years ago, the town invested in strengthening the bridge, but that wasn’t enough to prevent what happened over the weekend.

“We spent about $53,000 back in 2017 repairing and reinforcing because we felt there was a possibility that this might happen again,” said Anderson Mayor John Seller.

Right now, the city is waiting for an engineer to evaluate the bridge damage before it decides how to go about getting things repaired.