Bringing people together with bowling

Around the United States, bowling brings people together, and at Holiday Lanes, a group of seniors gathers once a week to set them up, and knock them down.

Bill: Oh gosh I’ve been bowling for over fifty years. I think I started when I was in the Navy just as a pastime there, and got into leagues later on. It was something I was better than average at so I enjoyed it.

Some leagues get more competitive, some are just a reason to hange out, and the conversation isn’t limited to just lanes.

Bill: usually what you did over the weekend or what you’re gonna do or where you’ve been or what’s for supper.

Like Bill, Paul has been bowling for a long, long time.

Paul: Oh I don’t know, I’ve probably bowled with Bill for forty years.

And that ball shows no sign of slowing down.

Paul: I’ve bowled all my life. I’ll probably die in a bowling alley.

And while the leagues they’ve played in have brought new friends, it’s all come down to that own satisfying sound.

Paul: Boom. That’s the ball getting a strike.