Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office starts using Jailbirds publication

Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office starts using Jailbirds publication
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The Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office is the latest department in the area to join a publication that focuses on arrests and recent crime.

Bob Reed, Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office:”The local news departments, radio stations, they’ve been running them forever.”

If you go to the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.. chances are you’ll find booking photos and arrests details for people just taken to jail.

But now.. the sheriff’s office will send that same info to the Jailbirds newspaper — a paper based in Cushing, Oklahoma — that publishes arrest details, details on registered sex offenders.. and other information.

Reed:”The only thing that they’re getting is the photo, a charge, and a name. That’s all that they’re getting. And before we started doing it, I called Crawford County and I also spoke to Cherokee County. They’ve had nothing but good things to say about it.

The publication has been using information from Cherokee County for about the last year and a half.. something that Sheriff Groves says has been overall positive.”

David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff:”Providing information to the public is positive. And it’s important to us as a law enforcement agency to do that. So this is another means for that information to get out to the public. Also, since we’ve been able to provide information regarding wanted suspects, again whether it’s online or through this publication, we have gathered numerous tips, a good number of our fugitives have been apprehended based on tips received from people in the community.”

Reed says there were some negative opinions when this was announced late last month.. many of those saying it could put a negative light on the county as a whole.

But Reed disagrees.

Reed:”It’s not something new. It’s new to our community, but it’s not anything new. They also publish some good things in there, so it’s not about making everything look bad about the sheriff’s department or whatever. And Every community has bad things that happen. “

Groves:”I think that every community has absolute positive attributes to it, and unfortunately, every community has a few bad actors who commit crimes. But, that’s not to say that those are not great communities.”

March is the first month that Bourbon County has been in the publication.

Reed: “I think there’s gonna be a lot more good come out of this than negative.”

Reed says they don’t pay– or get paid — for information to be published in the newspaper.

Crawford, Labette and Montgomery counties are also featured.

Jailbirds owner David Reid says Wilson county will be joining the paper next month.