Bourbon County Sheriff says quick thinking saved his life after having a stroke

Martin gave life saving awards to friends and doctors that helped him

BOURBON COUNTY, Kan. – “This is something that you don’t see comin’ and it hit me,” says Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin.

On December 1st, Martin was in Kansas City to go to a Chiefs Game when…

“I fell to the ground thinking that I had tripped. They apparently tried to help me up. I couldn’t keep my balance. I couldn’t stand on my own,” says Martin.

Three friends he was with, Shane Walker, Jeff Allen and Bryan Cole, recognized that he was having a stroke.

“He couldn’t lift his left arm, he couldn’t talk. His eye was drooping and his face was drooping. Pretty much every sign of a stroke that you can have, he had,” says Walker.

“Luckily enough, there was four off duty PD officers right there and they rushed right over to us,” says Allen.

Within 15 minutes of having the stroke, Martin was rushed to Saint Lukes Hospital to the stroke unit, where they surgically removed a blood clot on the right side of his brain.

Because of that fast intervention, Martin was back at work full time two weeks later with no side effects.

“I believe that God basically had told people what they needed to do subconsciously. And that’s what they did. They acted upon that, and God had his hand on it,” says Martin.

“Being that close to that kind of hospital was a really good thing for him,” says Walker.

To show his gratitude, Martin gave life-saving awards to his friends and everyone in Kansas City that helped save his life.

“They did an outstanding job. They didn’t panic or have a meltdown. They stayed there and did what they did and also the officers that were also, and especially the paramedic and the EMTs that took care of me,” says Martin.

And now he’s looking forward to taking his friends to a full game next season.

“Hopefully they will go and not be scared to go with me. But yeah, I still owe those three gentlemen a Chiefs game,” says Martin.

Martin also wants people in the community to learn the signs of stroke, so they can help someone if the same thing happens to them.

If you want to learn more about the signs and symptoms of strokes, follow this link: