Bourbon County deputy resigns after controversy surrounding patch

BOURBON COUNTY, Kan. – A deputy is no longer with the sheriff’s office and controversy has come out of a picture of a patch.

Mike Faegins is a candidate for Bourbon County Sheriff, and currently works for the Linn County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office.

On June 19th, he posted a picture to his campaign Facebook page that showed a Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office badge, with a patch that said “looting dirtbag” on it.

KOAM asked Faegins during an on-camera interview if he thought posting the picture would create mistrust between the community and the sheriff’s office.

“The way I understand it, it’s already there,” says Faegins.

A few days after Faegins posted the picture, on June 23rd, Sheriff Bill Martin made a detailed post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, explaining the situation.

He said, in part, in the post that back in April the department released the 2019 Civil Asset Forfeiture Report — and on that post, the wife of a Fort Scott Police officer call the sheriff’s office “looting dirtbags.” He explained that after some discussion, and the sheriff saying not to, a deputy ordered three patches that said “looting dirtbag” with his own money. Martin said again to not wear the patches, and especially not on their vests or uniforms. Later, the chief deputy wore one of them outside of a restaurant, where a Fort Scott officer took a picture of it.

Then on the 19th, Faegins posted the picture to his page.

“Because of things that’s going on in the United States on looting and name-calling and all that, we don’t need that type of activity here in our community,” says Faegins.

Martin went on to say in the post that on the same day as Faegins posted the picture, the chief deputy resigned. He also apologized to anyone who may have been offended by the patch.

We reached out to Martin, but he declined the opportunity to comment, saying it was “an internal incident involving a non-elected official.” KOAM’s request was made after Martin posted his explanation of the situation.

There are three other people running for Bourbon County Sheriff. They are Julie Saker, Derick Burk and Craig Rice.