Both sides of the aisle: Oklahoma’s new constitutional carry law

Governor signs new gun bill into law
Both sides of the aisle: Oklahoma’s new constitutional carry law
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Oklahoma becomes the latest state to pass a law allowing people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

It allows anyone over the age of 21 that can buy a handgun to carry it without a permit.

David Hale — owner of Honey Creek Outdoors in Grove, Oka. and second amendment advocate — is happy to see Oklahoma loosen gun regulation.

David Hale, Owner of Honey Creek Outdoors:”I mean, we’ve got people trying to take our second amendment rights away from us every day, and that was something that was given to us a long long time ago, and I’m for anything that protects the second amendment.”

On Wednesday, Governor Kevin Stitt signed House bill 2597 — which allows anyone over 21 to carry a handgun concealed — or open — without training or a concealed carry permit.

Governor Stitt told our CBS affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City,”We want to make sure that we let Oklahomans know that we want to protect their right to bear arms, so I’m excited to sign this.”

Hale:”I think it’s gonna be a real good deal and i’m proud of oklahoma for stepping out and paving the way for it.”

But others..aren’t so happy to see it pass.

Jackson:”We think it’s not a good idea.”

Christine Jackson, leader of the Oklahoma chapter of Mom’s Demand Change — a group that pushes for new gun regulation — says the group lobbied against the law because it could cause more gun violence.

Christine Jackson, Mom’s Demand Change:”The states where we have seen this pass have seen significant increases in firearm violence. Missouri passed this law in 2016 and from 2016 to 2017, the city of St. Louis saw a 25 percent increase in aggravated assault with a gun. We already have pretty significant gun violence. We rank number 13 four our murder rate. and we don’t think that the way to fix that is by allowing more guns on the street.”

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd says he supports the new law, but still encourages people to get training, and understand the liabilities that come with carrying a firearm.

Jeremy Floyd, Ottawa County Sheriff:”If they have to use deadly force, which would be a firearm, then it’s treated just like a homicide, just like it normally would. And then we have to prove why or why not then used deadly force, if they’re justified in doing so. But, it’s important that they understand the statutes in regards to firearms.”

The new law will go into effect November 1st.

Kansas, Missouri and 13 other states also have constitutional carry laws.