Bookhouse Cinema owners working out ways to safely offer all their services again

Looking at opening patio for more spaced out dine in seating

JOPLIN, Mo. – Like most places, Bookhouse Cinema temporarily closed its doors because of COVID-19.

But now as the small dine-in theatre slowly begins to reopen, the owners are working out ways to safely offer their services again, and one way is through private parties.

“We’ve got birthday parties, company events we’re still wanting to limit it to small groups but the theater is still available through private rental” said Holly Crane, Owner, Bookhouse Cinema.

Something Hadley Lawver was thrilled about as she celebrated her 9th birthday with her friends.

“Awesome, because I’m moving next year so this is the last time I’m going to get to see all of them so I’m so grateful for it.”

Though the cinema will not be available to the public for now, and they do not know when they will be opening it back to the public…Bookhouse is still giving their customers a way to enjoy their favorite films.

“What has been happening is the distributors have flipped it on us and they’re offering to show the movies for us and we promote them rather than the other way around, so if you go to there are links to I think we’ve got a dozen new releases on there” added Crane.

The business is reopening in phases, bringing back employees and offering carry out as phase 1.

“People were really happy to come and eat their foods from Bookhouse and we were happy to serve them their food from Bookhouse, and this coming weekend we’re working on it, we’re still not sure yet we hate to say anything is set in stone but we’re doing work to prepare the rest of our building for dining space” said Crane.

They are working to open their outdoor patio to provide more spaced out dine in seating to customers for phase two.

“They want to come here and we want them to be safe when they do that so we’re going to do our best to make as much space available as possible and make every seat a comfortable one” added Crane.

And though she says it’s been tough trying to get things back up and running, she’s excited to continue providing for the community.

“We’re a place that means something to a lot of people and it means something to us to be able to provide that.”

They are hoping to open for dine in next week.