Bond Issue Funds New HVAC Installation Underway at Pittsburg H.S.

Bond Issue Funds New HVAC Installation Underway at Pittsburg H.S.

New heating and air conditioning is coming to Pittsburg high school.
It’s the first phase of major renovations for the district thanks to passage of a thirty-one million dollar bond issue.
Pittsburg high school’s halls are bustling with construction crews. CDL Electric and Trane crews are installing new piping for seventy-nine heat pumps being replaced that cool and warm individual classrooms.
Superintendent Destry Brown explained, “The old system was put in in 1979, it didn’t, it met the codes back then, but it didn’t meet all the codes of air quality standards and some of the things and the fire safety ratings the new ones need to.”
A big switch going from old white plastic piping for water flow to steel.
Chad Hemboldt with Trane business development said, “The reason for that is it just has more life expectancy and distributes hot water and temperature better than plastic does. Part of why it’s more efficient.”

Brown added, “It will be very efficient for us. We’ll be able to remotely control temperatures in the building as opposed to each room having its own thermostat they’ve set however they want to.”

Hot water tanks and the boiler and pumps will be replaced while old non- functioning holding tanks must stay as they are too big to move.
Crews are replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting as well.
Combined it’s estimated to save the district one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars a year.

And the Trane company is creating an educational program that involves the students monitoring the system to measure energy consumption and how their behavior impacts energy savings.

(Sara Holmes, Trane’s education programming director said, “The students are gonna be engaged in project based learning that is both rigorous and relevant and provides awareness in to STEM based careers. The students are gonna get actual information from the actual building that they’re in, data analytics, and we’re gonna use the buildings as living learning laboratories.”

The HVAC work is just the start of nearly twenty million dollars in construction at the high school. The kitchen will be re-purposed for the culinary arts program and a new one will be built along with a cafeteria to serve as a FEMA rated safe-room .”
Those construction projects won’t start until late fall. Until then, it’s a race to finish HVAC by the start of school.
other improvements planned at the high school include a new updated science lab, and renovations to the entryway and commons area. All projects could take more than two years to complete.