Bomb squad dispatched in Vernon County


Bomb Squad called out, second time in six months

Traffic was stopped on Austin Blvd late Thursday as four Sheriff’s Office vehicles and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Bomb Squad transported some explosives from an enclosed container that had been turned over to the Sheriff’s Office. According to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office, the contents of the container were uncertain, but were suspected to contain some type of explosives and placed in a secured area that would keep everyone a safe distance away until the bomb squad could arrive and inspect the contents of the container. According to Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher, it was not clear how old the contents were in the container but clear that the bomb squad needed to be contacted to inspect it. The Sheriff said he could not comment on where the container came from but said his office was looking into it although it did not appear at this time any criminal activity or foul play was involved.

This makes the second time the Sheriff’s Office has called out the State Highway Patrol Bomb Squad within the last six months. The squad was called out last September when an explosive device was recovered from a vehicle after a traffic stop. One person who was arrested at that time is now serving a prison sentence from charges stemming from the stop.

The Sheriff said the container was inspected by the bomb squad and it was confirmed that explosives were inside. The contents of the container were safely destroyed by the bomb squad. “It can be risky anytime explosives are involved so I’m pleased we were able to take care of the container without anyone getting hurt,” said Mosher.