Boat renters can expect high gas prices this weekend on the lake’s as well

Four State residents are filling up their gas tanks as they hit the road for the Memorial Day weekend, and many of them heading to the lake are fueling up on more than their car.

Cheyenne Howard is a Candlewyck Cove Resort employee at Grand Lake and he says he is paying $98 to fill up just half a tank on one of his employers boats for rent. He says the spike in gas prices are definitely making renters think twice about spending their holiday weekend on the lake.

“I remember Labor Day and I put out every single one of our boats at least once, if not twice a day, that’s not the case for Memorial Day,” says Howard.

H e says his company owns 16 rental boats and this weekend they only have about four boaters scheduled to go out so far.

“With the price of a boat and then you add the price of the gas, everybody’s like ‘is it worth going out?'” says Howard.

According to Pete Norwood, a co-owner of the Honey Creek Landing Marina, some of the boats can burn between 10 to 12 gallons of gas every hour they are on the lake.

“If you keep the speed down you won’t use as much, but a lot of people, the whole purpose of being here is to pull tubers and skiers and things like that,” says Norwood.

N orwood says he regularly checks gas prices and though it is currently $3.73 on the lake compared to $3.23 per gallon last year, he believes it won’t affect people coming to town and having a good time.

“Most people will do what they’ve always done, they’re not going to let them affect them very much at all,” says Norwood.

N orwood says year after year the increase is not as significant and that he expects the same amount of boaters as always.

Experts predict prices will drift lower after the holiday weekend.

Both Howard and Norwood agree that lower prices will help increase traffic on the lake as the summer season kicks off.