Blueberry picking begins at Mauller family farm

42 blueberry varieties
Blueberry picking begins at Mauller family farm

Blueberry lovers braved the rain Saturday morning to come out to the 4-th annual Mauller family farm opening day. Dozens of pickers of all ages filled buckets with berries.
The Mauller’s grow 42 different blueberry varieties and charge three dollars per pound.

While recent storms have been hard on the bushes, Larry Mauller said the berries are sweet and ripe for the picking. He explained, “Rain has been hard on them, but our location is good, and it’s really helped the berries this year. The size of the berries are much larger than they’ve been in the past because of all the rain.”

The Mauller farm is open from 6 a-m to noon and 5 to 9 p-m Monday through Saturday, but you can always keep up with them through facebook.