Blasters fail to make final lease payment of season on-time

Blasters fail to make final lease payment of season on-time

The Joplin Blasters and the city of Joplin’s lease agreement lists five $15,000 payments to be made to the city by the first of each month, May through September. September 1 has come and gone and the Blasters failed to make the payment on-time.

“We notified the team by letter today that they have essentially five days to cure that default according to the lease,” city manager Sam Anselm said.

The payment is now due by 5pm on Tuesday, September 6 in a five day grace period mandated by the lease. The Blasters pay the city for the use of Joe Becker stadium.

“I know they still have a season to play, I know they finished up their home season here last month so they’ve still got a few road games to play. So after the season, I’m hoping we’re able to sit down with them and discuss what their plans are for the future. We’ve received no official notification as to whether or not they do or do not intend to be back,” Anselm said.

We reached out to Blasters CEO Gabe Suarez but the number was disconnected. It’s the same number listed on their team Facebook page.

The final payment will not be the last dollars the team will pay the city.

“At the end of the season, based on attendance levels, they do have to pay a portion of the utilities. I think based on their attendance we saw this season, they’ll have to pay an additional $2500 by the end of October to fulfill the utilities portion of the lease,” Anselm said.

This is the first time the Blasters have not made their payment on time.

“We’ll let them play out the rest of their season then we’ll have to go and walk through the stadium together at the end of their lease period which is September 30 to make sure the stadium is returned to the city in the same condition it was given to the team in in the start of the season,” Anselm said.

Following the walk-through, the Blasters may make additional repairs to the stadium if needed.