Black Fur-day in Fort Scott

Black Fur-day in Fort Scott

Black Friday savings weren’t limited to 4-State stores this year. The Paws and Claws animal shelter in Fort Scott got in on the action by slashing adoption fees on their black cats.

But why just the all black ones?

“They’re just kind of looked over. Especially the older cats too, but yeah, people tend to lean towards the more colorful cats,” said shelter manager Kelly Stewart.

And there’s another reason the shelter is singling out black cats, and trying to get them in forever homes right now: Paws and Claws had a moratorium on black cat adoptions last month.

“So they don’t get used as a prop during the Halloween season, or something bad might happen, a superstition kind of thing,” explained Stewart.

The shelter would love to see these black cats in a forever home for the holidays, but not as a surprise gift.

“I recommend bringing whoever you’re wanting to gift an animal to in to meet the animal, just to make sure that they’re a good fit, especially if it’s a younger child,” said Stewart.

If you’re interested in adopting from Paws and Claws or would like to help them foster dogs, contact them through their Facebook page which you can find right here.