BiteSquad delivery app service leaving Joplin market

Last day is December 5th

The first app delivery service in Joplin, is leaving.

Drivers for BiteSquad found out via text messages and emails the company would be pulling out of the Joplin market. BiteSquad was the first delivery service in Joplin, arriving in October of last year, offering restaurant delivery for places like Habeneros. Now, employees, and restaurants, are left wondering what’s next.

We first introduced you to Beau Lewis a year ago. He’s the manager for BiteSquad drivers in Joplin and helped establish clients when they first came to town. Now, he and his drivers, are about to be unemployed. “We were very surprised, there was no indication beforehand that anything was going awry, in fact our market was increasing quite a bit.”

Another driver sent us this email from the corporate office. It told drivers about the impending closing coming on December 5th. It also says drivers who stick through to the end will get a $100 bonus. Despite that, Lewis says it’s still tough. “I do think that with the December 5th date there will be a lot of people who are displaced as far as career options and choices, I myself know that it’s going to be a difficult time especially around the holidays.”

Lewis says their restaurant clients were finding out the same time drivers were. One of those clients, is Habaneros Mexican Grill on east 7th street. Sergio Carbajal says he’s had a great relationship with BiteSquad, and he doesn’t want to lose it. “It’s bad because we deal a lot of business with them, at the beginning we started really good but then it went down a little bit, but it’s still a revenue of like, $600, to even $700 every week, so we’re going to lose some business there.”

Carbajal says using the delivery service generated outside loyalty. “We have some customers, they always order from BiteSquad, and, you know they’re probably going to have to switch to another company I guess.”

Lewis says, the thing he’ll miss the most, is the people. “In all of my management experience, I think this has been the most enjoyable, because of the people I get to meet, and the drivers that I had, that worked with me.

Carbajal here at Habeneros says he does utilize other providers, like Door Dash, and while they’re certainly bringing in customers, he says BiteSquad brought in the most, and he’s hopeful he won’t lose those customers when he loses BiteSquad.


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