Bite Squad delivery service coming to Joplin

Will deliver from several restaurants
Bite Squad delivery service coming to Joplin

Life can get hectic sometimes, and even the convenience of a drive-thru just won’t work. But now, you may be able to get some help getting dinner to your home.

We all can get a little busy, and loading up the kids to go to your favorite burger joint, isn’t always the best option. So, what do you do? You call and order take out, the only problem, your choices have been somewhat limited…until now. Craig Key with Bite Squad says “If you were to get the Bite Squad app, you would simply place an order, from your app and that order goes right to the restaurant.”

So, as Craig mentioned, you need to download the Bite Squad app and as you see here, once you tell it where you are, it lists all the restaurants you can order from using the app. The app is free in your app store, but, there is a part you do pay for. Key explains the fee saying “So there is a small delivery fee, it typically ranges from $2.00 to $4.00 if it’s a relatively short delivery distance, say, under four miles.”

So, who brings you the food? This guy, Beau Lewis, and his fellow Bite Squad drivers. Lewis is the lead driver and he’s already somewhat familiar with Bite Squad. Beau Lewis says “So, I travel around the us, and for the most part I do utilize these delivery services, and Bite Squad has always been my favorite, anywhere from Arkansas down into Texas I’ve used the service multiple times, so when I saw they were coming into Joplin, I contacted them.”

As for the restaurants you can choose from, it’s not limited to just big chain stores. Locally owned businesses, including some downtown, are also on this list in fact, they make up a fair majority, and delivery isn’t limited to just Joplin city limits. “Joplin has over 20 restaurants currently, and anywhere outside of seven miles, straight line from our furthest restaurant is how far we’ll travel out, so we have restaurants all the way to Reddings Mill and into Webb City.” Lewis explains.

The service officially opens Friday. With this being opening weekend anyone who places and pays for an order on the Bite Squad app, will automatically receive free delivery for one year.