Bipartisan support surprises local Democrats

Bipartisan support surprises local Democrats
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President Trump officially vetoes a resolution that would block his national emergency at the Mexico – U.S. border.

This comes after a dozen Republican lawmakers joined with Democrats in voting against the resolution.

Among those are Missouri Senator Roy Blunt and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran.

The bipartisan support comes as a surprise to one local Democratic group in Joplin.

Officials there hope these Republicans stand firm in their resolution to override President Trump’s veto.

“It only takes one more Republican senator. We would need 13 to override that veto in the Senate and I’m hopeful we can find a 13th,” said Krista Stark with the Jasper County Democrats.

In a statement, Senator Blunt said that while securing the border is an important step in addressing immigration issues, “There are several existing authorities that could be used to support what President Trump wants to do at the border without creating a court case or declaring an emergency.”