Kerri Glensky

Local Sales Manager

Ask Kerri Glensky about her passions in life, and after family and friends comes marketing. “I live and breathe marketing,” she smiles.

Kerri brings more experience than she cares to admit to the table. After graduating from the University of Central Missouri with a communications degree (broadcasting emphasis), she moved into a twenty-year marketing and public relations career for not-for-profits such as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Farm Bureau and the second largest electric cooperative in the state. “I bought tons of advertising; but given my current base of knowledge, I’d do it differently,” she says.

Shortly after the birth of her youngest child, she made a mid-life career switch to advertising sales. Following a short stint in print, she moved to radio and eventually TV advertising sales primarily in the Branson/Springfield market. She worked for KTTS-FM, a heritage 100,000-watt radio station that, to this day, garners top ratings in most demographics. Then she moved to TV advertising, selling both FOX and CBS affiliates.