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Morning Show Anchor & Features Reporter

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jesse is joining KOAM and FOX14 as part of the new KOAM Morning Show on Fox 14.

A 2017 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Jesse began honing his craft in college as a sports broadcaster, live news reporter, and late night talk show host – earning his school its first-ever regional Emmy nominations. Previous stops include the IMG Sports Network, CBS Pittsburgh, a creative marketing agency, and an internship with Conan on TBS.

Jesse emcees events around North America, and can’t wait to make his mark on the 4-States.

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BBBS: Feeding a turkey vulture with PSU Nature Reach

15-year-old Jervel hopes to someday be a zoologist, so the local Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter teamed up with PSU Nature Reach to give him a taste of the wild.

Pilots in Webb City are flying on cloud nine

The SkyKings RC club is a model airplane organization that focuses on one thing and one thing only -- taking it to the skies.

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Regardless of the weather, there's a few things to keep in mind when hitting the trails.

Humane Society seeks justice after dog thrown from moving car

With the help of the shelter's staff, Sunshine the red heeler is on the road to recovery.

Pie 101: The annual sale at Byers Avenue UMC goes on

Even a global pandemic isn't stopping the ladies from making their pies.

The impact of this moment on the theater world

From taking on her new post as the Director of Theatre at Pitt State to the release of Hamilton, Dr. Megan Westhoff shares the impact of this moment.

Connect2Culture previews the month of July and its future home

Emily Frankoski shares what's happening in the month of July and the latest renderings of the future Cornell Complex.

PSU student is a nationally-recognized poet

Amanda Trout won a prestigious poetry award this spring, and now her craft is helping her get through 2020.

Joplin community members are creating civic dialogue around coffee

Ask community leaders in Joplin and they'll tell you: A conversation can go a long way.

Take a tour of the tiny houses being auctioned off by Crowder College

Designed and built by students, the program's annual auction is open until June 30th.

Late poet Langston Hughes shared & inspired a multigenerational dream of change

Marjol Rush-Collet is a cousin of the late poet and is the curator of the traveling Langston Hughes Family museum.

Father-son pair in Parsons say "I love you" in a new way

If you're already tired of 2020, then you and Elliot Roach are on the same page.

Used Bike 101: What to look for when you're in the pre-owned bicycle market

With bicycle manufacturers sold out of used bikes until later this year, it doesn't hurt to look into the pre-owned market.

The Story of Betty Smith & Joplin's East Town Neighborhood

Joplin's East Town neighborhood is historic, and through Betty Smith's efforts to preserve its history, she's become one of its key pieces.

Sharing their Perspective: Sit-down with a local peace rally organizer and police chief

Ahead of Monday's peace rally in Pittsburg, D'Andre Phillips Coble and Chief Brent Narges sit down for a conversation about racism and police brutality.

Joplin NAACP speaks on possible military action and hopes for local police

Army Veteran Tracey Thompson is the current VP for the Joplin Chapter of the NAACP.

End of an Era: Joplin's Melodee Colbert-Kean reflects during her final days on City Council

The former Mayor of Joplin and soon-to-be former City Councilwoman reflects on her time in office and shares her thoughts on the protests happening around the country.

From Kansas to Italy: Connecting through music

Their living room is a concert venue, and Kelli and Steve Passeri have been making the most of it.

Trident the dog has a new leash on life

After a traumatic experience, a K-9 from Kansas is now helping others get through their own.

How older Americans can tackle loneliness together

The best thing for our mental health is to talk about it.

Having a Wilder time at home

With the help of his parents, Wilder McCullough has been making the most of the last two months.

Ask Jesse: How much TV news is too much during a pandemic?

Even during a global pandemic, there's such a thing as watching too much news.

Streaming Roulette: Get help picking what to watch

Even before this, we all struggled navigating Netflix's library... until now.

The List with an Assist: Jasmine Kyle

SEK Humane Society's Jasmine Kyle tells us her three favorite movies to check out while we stay safe at home.

Kitchen Confidential: Making the most of your pantry

Chef Mike Clark shows us which kitchen essentials we truly need and how to get the most out of them.

The impact of COVID-19 on the Humane Society

Our friend Jasmine Kyle gives us an update on the Humane Society's role in the community during this difficult time.

Boredom Buster: Tequila Tilapia

Here's a recipe with ingredients you can almost always find at the store.

The List: Easter Edition

Because it's the holidays and we're all looking for things to watch with the family.

Boredom Buster: Online multiplayer games to play remotely

Because Checkers isn't as fun by yourself anyways.

DIY: Dry Erase Boards

Our pal Amy Sadler shows us how to make a dry-erase board for the house without dropping an absurd amount of dough.

Boredom Busters: Tips for tackling jigsaw puzzles

A few tips on how to solve that puzzle on the shelf.

The List: The Highwaymen, Bonnie and Clyde, and Star Wars

From R2D2 to the Barrow Gang, Jesse Irwin recommends some flicks for the weekend in.

The List: How your favorite TV character would react during a pandemic

We look into two documentaries and 35 scripts from your favorite TV writers.

The importance of routine for children with autism

Dr. Annette Nunez explains the different ways which families can make these new adjustments easier for children with autism.

The List: Animal Video Edition

From dogs driving to cats skateboarding, today's list was... different.

Ask Jesse: How do medical professionals learn to remain calm under pressure?

One medical resident working with COVID-19 patients describes how she maintains her composure.

The List: A Virtual Zoo, More Joe Exotic, and The Office

Jesse throws his three recommendations of the day out there for our viewers in need of a content suggestion.

A conversation with Cherokee County's first confirmed COVID-19 patient

Pastor Jim Thomas shares his experience after testing positive for COVID-19 last week.