Bills will go down for Kansas Empire customers

Bills Will Go Down For Kansas Empire Customers
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CHEROKEE CO./LABETTE CO., Kan. – Empire Electric customers in Kansas will soon see their monthly bills go down.

The Kansas Corporation Commission approved a settlement agreement today. It calls for a 3.8% rate decrease starting July 1, 2022. This amounts to a bill reduction of $2.95 per month for residential customers with average usage.

(Bills go up for Missouri Liberty (Empire) customers)

Why the decrease?

Empire filed an application for a rate increase last May to recover costs related to building three new wind farms, retiring the Asbury coal plant and updating accumulated depreciation and deferred costs. The application called for an increase in rates totaling about $5.00 per month for residential customers.

While looking into the request, the KCC and CURB (Citizens Utility Rate Payer Board) looked at the financial situation around the retirement of the Asbury plant, wind farms, and the non-growth plant.

The KCC and CURB determined Empire did not need as much revenue as projected in the filing. Therefore, KCC and CURB determined there should be a decrease in the rate for customers.

The order can be viewed here.

A recording of today’s Business Meeting featuring comments by Commissioners on this order is available on the KCC YouTube channel.