Big warm up for this February Tuesday

Compared to the Arctic freeze we had last week

Looking at today and comparing it to last Tuesday, the numbers are just remarkable. Last Tuesday, we were approaching the tail-end of the Arctic air mass. Before we went to warmer temperatures, Joplin Regional recorded a low of -15 Tuesday morning before topping out around 13 for the afternoon. This Tuesday really felt like a heat wave by comparison. After we started with a low of 38 at 7:39 AM, we saw the thermometer top out with a high of 73 as early as 2:05 this afternoon. When you compare the record low from last Tuesday to today’s high, that’s an 88 degree difference between the two numbers. I know we’re accustomed to big temperature swings around here, but I think this is the biggest swing I’ve seen take place in a week’s time in the 9 years that I’ve been here!