Big Elk Campground staying busy during COVID-19, taking extra measures to keep customers safe

Campground is large enough to practice social distancing and enjoy the outdoors
Big Elk

PINEVILLE, Mo. – Keegan Driscoll and Cameron Hay say they go to Big Elk Campground at least twice a week to keep themselves busy while school is closed over COVID-19.

“There’s so much of the river to float you can kind of stay distanced from people and there’s just so much to do that’ll keep you busy all day” said Hay.

“Yeah floating all the way to 8 mile is like a 5 or 6 hour float sometimes” added Driscoll.

And they aren’t the only ones, owner of Big Elk Campground Pat Tinsley says they have had an increase of customers lately.

“What we’re experiencing is people wanting to get out. We’re doing small groups, quite a few small groups camping with us overnight, we’ve had some people come in that are companies, they’re working from their laptops at the campsite using Wi-Fi, we’ve been surprisingly busy.”

He says the campground is a great layout for wanting to get outside and have fun while practicing social distancing.

“Fortunately we have a large enough campgrounds, our campsites are large enough that right now it’s absolutely no issue.”

And they are taking extra measures to keep everything safe and sanitized for customers.

“We’ve acquired extra vehicles and extra drivers and when we float somebody we have to take them to their float spot or pick them up from their float spot where they finished so we are hauling families by themselves, or individually in vans that have been debugged or decontaminated or antibacterial with the hospital grade cleaner. We have a fogging machine we’ve acquired, making sure to not pass someone’s bugs onto someone else, the bathrooms are getting this treatment, the office is getting it” added Tinsley.

For Driscoll and Hay, they are enjoying the time they are spending out on the river.

“We’re taking advantage of the time we have” added Driscoll.

Despite the statewide stay at home order for Missouri, Big Elk Campground will not be closing.
During this time they will also be enforcing extra distancing when checking in customers and spacing out campsites.