Better Business Bureau study shows the way people give back has changed this year

The pandemic has shifted the attitudes of many when it comes to giving back.
Bbb Giving Desires

JOPLIN, Mo. – With the holidays coming up and the thought of giving back on people’s minds, the Better Business Bureau conducted a study to see what giving looks like during the pandemic.

“What we’re finding in terms of how its changed from this time last year to now, is we’re seeing a lot more people donating to families and friends. So previously we saw big institutions that people were more likely to donate to, big charities, very well-known charities that are nationwide. Now people are looking for more local people in the community because they want to help people right there in their neighborhood” said Stephanie Garland with the Better Business Bureau.

The pandemic has shifted the attitudes of many when it comes to giving back.

“A lot of people are realizing that people are hurt up right now, that times have been hard for a lot of people, for a lot of us out here, and so they’re trying to have a local way that they can make a difference” added Garland.

The study shows that from March through August of 2020, support for charities has fallen by 5%.

The Joplin Salvation Army can attest to that. They say financial support has dropped.

“We have had a decline in our donations this year, we noticed this when we first got here in July that they have been down, and a lot of it is people not working, they’re just not able to donate like they used to” said Lieutenant Marty Norris.

The BBB’s study says that security and trust is important right now when it comes to what people are willing to give, and to who.

Lieutenant Marty wants to remind the community that donations go back to the local area.

“Anything that’s donated to us stays in this community, and if they specify for a donation for a certain program that money is guaranteed to stay in that program and won’t be used for anything else that’s what we’re very good at doing. Whatever they donate goes to what they want to donate for.”

He says they also are experiencing a decrease in volunteers for bell ringing this year.